The smarter way to support patients.

Symbi automates touchpoints along the patient journey to help scale your patient support offering.

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Designed for your brand, powered by Symbi

Leading payers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hub service providers can leverage our technology infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation and deliver personalized care journeys.

Personalized care journeys designed for your brand

Meet patients where they are

You spend too much time playing phone tag with patients. Symbi uses automated text and email to drive enrollment, engagement, and retention. Now you can effortlessly reach your patients on their preferred channel.

Symbi automated text timeline

Identify high-risk patients

Most programs rely on a person moving a patient through the system. Hub data isn’t structured consistently, patterns are missed, and insights are lost. Symbi provides a complete view of the patient journey and uses predictive analytics to trigger human interventions when more personalized support is needed.

Predictive analytics to know when support is needed

Enhance your current software

You’ve spent years developing your systems and processes, and certainly don’t want to add another tool. Symbi’s API seamlessly integrates with your existing software to allow you to reach more patients without increasing headcount.

Enhance your current software