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Symbi manages patient prep for hospitals & endoscopy centers.
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Tackle poor prep, no-shows and cancelations

Our patient prep management system was built for endoscopy centers and designed with advisors from leading organizations:

Built for endoscopy centers

It has been shown that 12% of outpatient GI procedures are canceled due to poor prep and no-shows1. Pre-procedure text messages can reduce colonoscopy cancelations by 30%2.

“Symbi has rebuilt the entire gastroenterology patient experience and is empowering providers to deliver high-value care.”

Sameer Berry, MD, MBA
Clinical Advisor
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Simplify colonoscopy prep and eliminate cancelations

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1. Adams, L. A., Pawlik, J., & Forbes, G. M. (2004). Nonattendance at outpatient endoscopy. Endoscopy, 36(05), 402-404.
2. Nayor, J., Feng, A.,Qazi, T., & Saltzman, J. R. (2018). Tu1044 Improved patient preparedness for colonoscopy using automated time-release reminders. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 87(6), AB507-AB508.